SMS Tracker App for Tracking Android and iPhone Mobile Phones.

Children spend an increasing number of time on their phone every day. This can get annoying especially because not only is it constantly glued to their hands, but also because this limits their social interactions with you. The smart phone has made our lives very easy by consolidating several things in to one compact device. However, at the same time it seems to be the bane of your existence because you cannot get more than a single syllable word out of your child as they are glued to something or the other on their phone, raising valid concerns in you mind.

The SMS spy application then is one blessing that you may reap the benefits of from using your smart phone. It enables you to enter the world of your child and feel connected to them. At the same time, the SMS tracker application also enables you to have an eye on your child’s interactions and know who they are conversing with and about what. Since their smart phones allow them privacy and their innate hesitation to share things with their parents combines to make it hard on you to decide whether they are hiding something troubling or they are just being private.

The message spy application thus provides you with a window through which you can see in to the world of your child without your presence being known, and see if there is any cause for concern among their friends and their activities. This then helps you as a parent to make important parenting decision in regards with guiding your child, rewarding them for something good and punishing them if need be.

Prep work to do before installing the SMS spy

There are certain steps that you can take in advance of installing the application, which would make both the installation and the use of the application easier on you. The SMS mobile spy, like any spy application, requires certain key ingredients for it to work effectively. All these components are interdependent and hence cannot be exchanged for any other nor left out entirely. The first of these is the assurance that your phone as well as your child’s phone have the same mobile software. It does not necessarily have to be the same version of the software, as phone software gets updated quite frequently, but it certainly has to be by the same company.

So, if you have an Android phone, your child’s phone must be Android to in order to be able to download the SMS spy Android application. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, you make sure that you have the target phone with your for at least thirty to forty minutes so that you can correctly install the application. So have a valid excuse ready in advance as to why you need your child’s phone with you for that long a period of time. The SMS spy app can take a few tries before you end up installing it properly, which is why you need added time as a precautionary measure and so cannot install the SMS spy without target phone.

The last thing you need to make the perfect mix is an internet connection. It does not matter which kind as long as it works well and is able to transmit and receive data quickly and efficiently. With these factors ensured, you can download the application and begin the installation by creating an SMS tracker login.

Does the SMS tracker work differently for Android & iOS?

The SMS tracker for iPhone is no different from that of Android, except for minor changes in the application which make it able to work for iPhone rather than Android. The SMS tracker Android works quite simply; it essentially is an eye for your phone in the target phone, which is the phone of your child. It keeps up with your child’s phone at all times, and records all the messages that are being sent and received by their phone. Additionally, it also makes notes of the numbers from which the messages are being received or sent to, so that you can acquaint yourself with that person and recognize who they are among all your child’s friends.

Similarly, when you use the application in an iPhone, the call GPS SMS tracker works in just the same way and does so just as efficiently. Also, once all the SMS related data has been collected, it is then sent by the SMS tracker app to your phone. This is a necessary process as without it the application would be useless to you and you wouldn’t be able to watch out for your child through their text messages. The importance of these two processes of recording and sending cannot be stressed enough, along with that of logging. This implies that the data received by your phone is logged in to it as well so that when you log in to your application, you can view it categorically.

Using the message spy application responsibly

It is imperative that when you use the text message spy app, you do so exceedingly responsibly in order that you do not end up getting caught nor do you hurt the privacy and integrity of your child in any way, and that can make the text watcher message spy backfire in your face quite horribly. There are certain things you can do to avoid that from happening.

The first and most important thing to do is to educate yourself on the use of the application. Learn how to best use the application to avoid detection in the first place. For instance, if you forcefully install the same cell phone text message spy application in your Android phone while your child has an iPhone, then chances are the activities of the application may come in to the notice of your child. The application would malfunction when forcefully operating between two phones with different mobile software, therefore it is imperative that you know to ensure that both phones are compatible when installing the application.

With that established, be sure to not forget that you cannot install the text message spy without phone of your child. However, one thing that you can do is that you can get a text message spy free trial of sorts. Most of such applications come in two versions; paid and unpaid. The paid version of the application has all the top notch, premium features that a true spy application would have. On the other hand, the unpaid version has the basic features of the application, which you can use to better understand how to use the application, before you completely commit to it.